Technical project management

Tailor-made solutions for the industry

We support you and your team from the very beginning, starting with the idea and ending with installation and commissioning.

Project planning

  • Definition of objectives, technical requirements and framework conditions

  • Creation of detailed project plans and risk analyses

Concept & layout planning

  • Elaboration and evaluation of different concepts

  • Layout elaboration

  • Interface evaluation

  • Planning of detailed designs and review of construction drawings

Commercial processing

  • Solicitation and evaluation of bids

  • Award process and contract management

Cost, time & quality control

  • Cost and schedule preparation and their monitoring

  • Execution and monitoring of product and machine tests

  • Preparation of resource and assembly plans

Project & team coordination

  • Reporting and communication of project status to the client

  • Detail, interface and design meetings with the suppliers


  • Management and supervision during installation and commissioning

  • Aftercare and optimization

Project documentation

  • Preparation of status reports and acceptance protocols

  • Creation of catalogs of measures

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